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Through a targeted & strategic marketing plan, we take your business journey to the next level.Open communication and full transparency are the secret of the success we create with our partners.

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What does the cooperation include?

When you partner with CapMarketing, we create a strategic and targeted marketing plan that is tailored to your needs, wishes and objectives.
We create an execution plan that we take care of and make sure to bring to life so that we can create the best conditions for your brand.
The alpha omega for a successful collaboration is alignment of expectations and good communication, and we value this highly at CapMarketing

The most important thing for the best chance of achieving your results is a targeted strategic plan.
It can’t be done alone, it’s all about teamwork. And together, we can align expectations and create messages that speak to your brand in the best possible way.
We need to reach a new level, and therefore we also need to act, think and communicate at a higher level, and with our joint competencies we can get to the root of the clear strategy and growth plan.

Content is key, and it is 80% of the reasons why you are not getting the desired return on investment from your campaigns. Content & marketing are the bee’s answer to flowers. One cannot live without the other, which is why we focus 70% on creating content that can be scaled.

Therefore, we can both advise and manage your content production.

Many people actively choose to forget about the importance of good copy.
The text on your ad is like training wheels on a bicycle.
The chance of tipping over is significantly greater without it.
That’s why we have built a framework that can be used to test various messages so that we hit right into the heart of your target audience.
…And if you haven’t yet booked a meeting in my calendar, then unfortunately I haven’t hit the mark with my copywriting.

Not everyone is the same,
but let’s see if a meeting can’t create the perfect match?

Marketing is not just about each channel, it is a biological circle where each part has its own responsibilities. If one limps, all limp.
At Capmarketing, we have the data knowledge and empirical data to be able to advise on how a website should be built, presented and scaled.
Your webshop is your shop window, and it is super important that it is in tip top shape.
Imagine sending the same amount of traffic in, but getting more customers out of it.

As a partner in CapMarketing, you are not put in a box.
I get very attached to each individual case, because I don’t want to work with someone who I can vouch for myself.
What characterizes the companies I work with have the potential to become market leaders.
This also means that communication should not be a factor in whether results are created.
Therefore, you get direct contact with me so that we can respond as quickly as possible.

The first week of the month, we convene a meeting where we review the results of the month and conclude on the results we see. Here we look back at the goals and the execution plan we have made, and see if we are still on the right track, in relation to the goals, dreams and visions you have in your business.

It is important for both us and you that we talk about the wins we have had during the month, as well as talk about any challenges we are facing that need to be solved.

At the same time, we go through what our plan and steps are for this month, and execute accordingly.

We do not play with boring reports that you are not interested in or get anything out of.
In Capmarketing, you will receive monthly video reports where we review the results that have been created, the learnings we take with us, and the steps we need to take to move even further.

If we don’t manage all your sales channels, we still include the ones we don’t control in our plan to achieve your goals. Therefore, you also get continuous sparring on what you can improve and what you are already doing well.

We can help you discuss strategic plans for each channel so that everything works in harmony.

Til dig som leder efter en digital vækst partner

Gennem en målrettet & strategisk markedsføringsplan sørger vi for at tage virksomhedsejeren til det næste niveau.

Åben kommunikation, og fuld gennemsigtighed er kendetegnet for den succes vi skaber hos vores partnere.

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Anne Mette
Anne Mette
Læs mere
The best recommendations!Casper is a young entrepreneur who is able to put himself in his customer's place and from there he works purposefully towards the common goals that have been set.Casper is also a very empathetic and pleasant partner. A type you rarely come across in an otherwise sometimes a bit "motley" industry.I can therefore only give Casper the warmest recommendations from here.
Isak Avdo
Isak Avdo
Sjölin Næstved
Læs mere
With Casper, you get a service that goes beyond the ordinary. He's always on top of deadlines and advises on the best possible way to spend your advertising dollars. His professionalism shines through with in-depth reports and transparency in his work. HUGE RECOMMENDATION
Julie Spuhr
Julie Spuhr
SoMe Manager
Læs mere
The warmest recommendation! Casper from Capmarketing is not only extremely skilled and professional at his work, but also a very pleasant person - he is empathetic and very nice to work with!He is results-driven and super motivating to work with. In addition to that, he is also extremely easy to get hold of, and always shares advice on various issues. A pleasure to work with Casper!
Lasse Boye
Lasse Boye
Læs mere
Casper has not only taught me about marketing and the principles behind it. He has given me insight into what it means to be a true entrepreneur. A person who does whatever it takes and doesn't stop until he reaches his goal. I have worked with Casper in several different contexts and he has a super energy level that just rubs off. Not only is he skilled at his profession, he is also a happy person to be around and work alongside.
Line Aarkrogh
Line Aarkrogh
Læs mere
Can highly recommend capmarketing. Have been really happy with the collaboration and communication throughout our partnership. Casper is always smiling and happy, and full of good ideas for the ads! He gives a positive boost into a difficult process with Facebook advertising. Great satisfaction with growth and how everything performed in difficult times with corona. Here we were taken in hand by Casper, and felt safe throughout the process. He is a professional with an eye for people. Thus, I have only praise and recommendation from here.
Jakob Spodsberg
Jakob Spodsberg
Læs mere
JI can definitely recommend Capmarketing. Casper has from the very beginning of our collaboration been good at providing competent advice. We were in a situation where we were unsure if online advertising was the way forward for our B2B company. Here Casper guided us in what opportunities exist and also helped us through the jungle that Facebook advertising can be. We have set up a good flow, which means that today we get far more qualified leads.At the same time, Casper is good at maintaining a high quality in the ads that he manages. Here he has both guided us in what content we should create and corrected the texts we had written. It has been a huge help.

Hvordan starter vi rejsen?

Knowing your needs

We deeply understand that every business is unique, with its own challenges and goals. That’s why we emphasize understanding your problem and the specific challenges you face.
Through a thorough analysis of your business, industry and target audience, we ensure that we have a deep understanding of your situation before moving on to the development of a strategy that fits your specific needs.

Strategy planning

After a thorough analysis of your situation, we will work together to develop a strategy that fits your specific goals and challenges. We will take into account both your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats you face in the marketplace.
Through a combination of digital and traditional marketing methods, we will develop a strategy that ensures you reach your goals in the most effective and targeted way.

Eksekver, eksekver, eksekver

Once the strategy is in place, we start executing it. We will make sure that all elements of the strategy are implemented in an efficient and targeted way to achieve the desired results.
We will communicate with you regularly to ensure that everything is going according to plan, and we will continuously adjust our efforts to ensure the best possible performance.
Through our collaboration, you will experience a targeted and effective marketing effort that brings you closer to your goals.

Hør om The Mental Winners oplevelse.

Johannes var på udkig efter en pålidelig partner til at hjælpe ham med at øge sin online tilstedeværelse og generere flere leads til sin virksomhed.
Vi leverede en indsats gennem vores ekspertise inden for hjemmeside optimering, Facebook annoncering og email marketing.

Vi skræddersyede en strategi, som havde en indkomstgenererende optimeringsproces, der fokuserede på den holistiske kunderejse, som var præcis hvad Johannes havde brug for. Ved hjælp af vores målrettede annoncer og kreative indhold lykkedes det os at få flere kunder og øge salget betydeligt.



This 30-minute discovery call with Casper is to hear about your story, to see what goals, dreams and visions you have for your business.
It is also super important for both of us that the chemistry is there and that we are on the same wavelength.

This creates the best conditions for the success we can create together.

Click left now and book a call. There is nothing to lose.

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Ofte stillede spørgsmål

Det er helt fint hvis du ikke sælger tøj online. Hvis du selv mener din case er super spændende, og du gerne vil have jeg giver mit take på den, så kontakt mig endelig.

Hvis jeg føler at jeg kan løfte opgaven, og vi kunne blive et godt makkerpar, så er jeg klar.

Prisen er noget vi kommer til at snakke om, når jeg har hørt hvad dine problemstillinger og mål er. Der er mange faktorer der spiller ind, så som ad spend, dækningbidrag, strategi osv.

Det kræver en god energi, og et åbent sind. Du skal være klar til at overholde din deadlines, samt have en tro på mig.

Du skal som minimum bruge 5-10.000+ kr månedeligt på facebook.